Friday, December 29, 2006

Ghosts of Christmas past

Lutsen was wonderful despite the lack of snow and constant monster-in-law presence. I was able to find some peace and solace while skiing and teaching Kelsey to ski- she loved it! Kylie did her best to demand "my mommies" love most of the trip- which was fine. I found myself missing the quiet moments of breastfeeding the kids when I could sneak away with them in my arms and spend quiet one-on-one time with just them and me.

This vacation proved to be a constant power trip between my mother-in-law, my mother, and shamefully me too. It was a somewhat small condo and we had between 5-8 people always there with us.

The first two nights were almost sleepless, while trying to share the same sleeping area with the kids. By the third night and with an addition of a nookie (yes for Kylie), we all passed out and slept without even moving all night.

The first night we were invaded by "the Ghosts of Christmas Past" as my mom refers to it. She swears that a ghost came in and opened the deck door. When I went downstairs where she and Kylie were sleeping, it was 40 degrees and freezing. The door was open. I think someone did not close it all the way, but who knows? The "Ghosts of Chistmas past" makes a fun title!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Call me crazy but...

I am spending Christmas with my in-laws... this will not include bed bugs or psycho animal fights and bites as previous posted, oh no, this Christmas we will be enjoying the slopes skiing (hopefully if there is snow). So along with dreaming of a white Christmas, I also find myself dreaming of peace and tranquility. I really hope that is possible, because days with my in-laws tend to turn into chaotic messes with a lot of anxiety and an absence of ativan.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ever been an IDIOT?

That's me, an idiot. I feel stupid! I made a terrible error to the person who gave birth to me and I do not know how I will ever make it up to her.

The terrible error included, "FORGETTING HER BIRTHDAY."

It makes me want to hide in shame just writing it, "Oh my, what have I done?" We have our differences, but we are fairly close and she helps us out with the kids alot.

Yesterday my mom tried to call me and I was too busy to call her back until I was on my way to pick up the kids. Stupidly, once gain, I was running late and had to call my daycare provider to tell her , SO the last thing I said to my mom was, "I'm running late, gotta go!" This in the midst of her bearing her soul about HER bad day at work. After I said that, she just said, "Oh OK." She was probably thinking- "DAMN KID forgot my birthday!" And who knows, she may have ended up in tears!

How do I ever make it up to her? She is coming over tonight, because once again, she is watching our kids tomarrow. Please help?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Have you kissed your favorite Teddy Bear today?

Alittle kiddy Cudd'lin + Lot'sa doggy Slobber = True Love

Monday, December 11, 2006

Silly kids

Kylie hiding (she's found)

Kelsey's Scary Monster Face

"Teddy" trying his darndest to be a lap dog

Santa Baby

Visit with

Sad Santa picture...priceless!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Is it hot in here?

I just read that the MN confirmed the first flu case. After I read that I realized I feel like I am burning up!

There are actually a number of things it could be...
1. Perhaps the small coffee with 5 packets of sugar and half cup of cream.

2. Just getting back from the candy store which was about 100 degrees, I don't know how the chocolate survives!

3. This wool sweater is kind of itchy and warm.

4. Maybe a hot flash? I am getting older...

5. Pregnancy?
No just kidding! ha ha

*I think it is time to start working out because I got winded and sweaty from walking from the candy store back to my cube (maybe 200 feet)...I foresee a new years resolution that I will break by January 10!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is so secret Victoria?

OK, I never realized Victoria Secret had a fashion show on network channels until last evening.

What is up with that?

Cold, naked, women walking down a runway is not something that should be on tv. I am ashamed to say I watched it for a mere 5 minutes until I realized there was really nothing special about these skinny, lanky, anorexic women, who kinda had bad teeth. I am sure no one looked at their teeth but me though.

And let me tell ya HD tv sure doesn't hide a thing.

A word of Warning

In case you had forgotten or just never have experienced the joy of ice on the ground, it is very slippery! Hence the reason for wearing ice skates on it or chains on your tires when driving on it around the mountains.

I was not wearing ice skates or driving with chains, but was ill-equipped with my slip-on shoes, which by the way are also very slippery. I think I escaped the embarrassment of being seen. But now I am sharing publically that I fell on the ice. The kind of fall where your legs slip out from underneath you, completely and you fall on your butt.

In my case, I fell on my hip and my elbow and am now sporting a little bit of a limp and a robin-egg on my elbow.

Ahhhh, the joy of winter! Only 4 1/2 more months, if we're lucky.