Friday, October 27, 2006

Sexy Halloween

...I don't think so-not in my house at least. This in the response to a visit to Target and seeing what they have as children's costumes. Sexy cowgirls, slutty temptresses, and nearly naked genies. The only place to find a full coverage costume is in the gender neutral infant and toddler costumes, which my children are soon to outgrow.

Looks like I am going to be sharpening my sewing needle in the Halloween's to come for some appropriate full-coverage costumes. We are fortunate to have this year's costumes taken care of by a borrowed lions costume for Kelsey (thank you Vikki) and a hand-me-down Lady-bug for little miss Kylie (courtesy of Kelsey).

I could go to a bad place with this entry, but I will fore-go the paragraph on children prostituting themselves for candy in their skimpy little outfits!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Busting my Tail

I received my review and was told and encouraged, because I am "a hard worker". I agree, I am a hard worker, but feel I would be a harder worker if there were more vacation or down-time encouraged in our lifestyles.

I have heard that the "type A" busy lifestyles of Americans account for health troubles, headaches, and even premature death. Unfortunately longevity is not in my genetics, so I will have to start campaigning for more vacation-time.

This is not something I am unique in considering, European countries already consider this in their work-day and work-year; such as the infamous "Siesta's"!

I need a Siesta! How about you?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sleep Tight

Imagine yourself, with your eyes closed, sleeping soundly; no noises and no cares in the world, enjoying a great dream- REM sleep, and did I mention no children screaming...

When out of no where, suddenly, something (out of a horror movie)clenches your face. You wake to realize it is not a dream gone bad, and become aware that it is not Teddy's paw. You wipe the sleep out of your eyes and see a human hand attached to a body (names shall not be disclosed). This hand is clenching your face quite tight, so it a definitely not a prank.

The hand appears to be attached to your loved one, so you gently wake her and remove her hand from your face...assist her in rolling over and close your eyes in hopes for an uneventful rest of the night and thank God that she did not get a hold of your neck!

On a side note: sorry Shane- I was not trying to choke you!

Friday, October 20, 2006

This shit won't flush

I am anxiously awaiting a new look to our government following the November elections. I honestly cannot bear to see any more ruins that the current administation has called tactful and effective governing. All of this is said following a review of the news and professional encounters I have had this week.

I just read in the local news that one of the inner city clinics who provides care to the poor and immigrant population will be losing 20 staff to lay-offs. I know that this is not a result of a lack of work to do because when I call to refer client's they are either put on long waiting lists or refused because the wait is to long to start services.

Yesterday when I was at court, I was told by a Public Housing Staff member that they had large cuts in their program as well due to funding issues. Again, public housing staff are very busy, and it is already difficult to get low-income individuals into the highrises and public housing buildings.

I can only surmise that these cuts are a direct attack on social services and the poor and immigrant populations in our local area. I know that their are more cuts to come as the human service budget in counties alone are due to make major cuts in the next year.

I can only hope that a cleansing or "flush" of the current government officials in the coming elections will make the necessary changes in the "Face of America".

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pixy Tricks and Rotten Treats

Bah Humbug to this haunting time of year.

I remember yester-year when I looked forward to sharing the kids in their cute costumes with neighbors and enjoyed greeting all of my friendly neighbors at the door, eagerly passing out candy to each and every friendly neighbor kid.

I am feeling sad that I do not have the same connection with my new neighborhood, of yard neglectors and new faces that either do not speak english or we have just not met yet. I admit in my old neighborhood there were times of annoyance with the eager greetings from neighbors the second we stepped out the door. Well my annoyance in my new neighborhood has turned to loneliness with the lack of hospitality and kindness I use to take for granted.

I want to be back on Fox Hollow (even the name is more Halloweeny then Colorado Ave).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

These Brewers Smelt

Call it a public service WARNING, but beware of Starbucks coffee brewers because some have melted.

On the same day that I privately pronounced that I would give up coffee, for the all to unhealthy alternative of diet caffeinated soda, I am reminded that even coffee has its drawbacks. Such as a "watchout you might burn your house down" side effect.

I love Starbucks coffee and will probably return to it after my diet coke kick is over, but I may have to reconsider brewing my mocha lotta in my favorite Starbucks coffee brewer.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I look to my left and I see Teddy on the couch where he should not be, but his position on the couch is most peculiar- his head is on one side, his front legs have fallen to the floor and back legs are on the other side of the couch.

What is it like to be so relaxed and comfortable? I do not remember the last time I was relaxed so much as to have drool coming out of my mouth and my arms hanging off the couch while my legs securely sat on-top.

I worry too much...when I heard the small plane flew into the apartment complex today I thought "oh no, not this again". I suppose many people thought the same thing. I think I just have to let the worry go.

Oh my, now Teddy's head is on the floor too, silly boy! In my next life I can only hope to reincarnate as a dog to an animal loving family.

Mocha-lotta creme

I call it survival, and feel that we crave fattening food because our body needs it to survive the long winters in MN. I do not think that it is a coincidence that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas encourage us to eat in a gluttonous way and happen to fall during the fall and early winter months.

I believe Thanksgiving was actually a time in history to pack on the weight, as the harvest came in, to encourage health and wellness through the long winter. Thanksgiving in my family looks much different then it did during the early colonial days. None of us wear dresses or bonnet hats...but we do enjoy the almighty feast followed by a nap.

Christmas is another example with oh so much food and desserts. It amazes me how much food is before us, but it always tastes so good. And I do indulge.

I think we should do away with the guilt of these seasonal pounds, it is our right for survival to crave the foods that put pounds on the hips. Adding extra creme to my already fat-laden mocha should not make me feel guilty- it is my birthright as a MN to crave the foods that will help me through the long winter months.

I believe our ancestors had it right! Let's eat, drink and be merry. And as my German Ancestors would say (not sure about the spelling) "Einz Fein Zuica"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chicken Little...political?

I had the opportunity to watch snipits of Chicken Little with Kelsey this weekend- her favorite movie for this week, and interestingly made some parallel's between our current President and the famous Chicken Little.
Chicken Little - Movie Info - Yahoo! Movies

1. Chicken Little makes many mistakes throughout his life although his goal in all of it is to be a hero and win the respect of his father.

2. Chicken Little mistakes an acorn as the sky falling on his head and he creates havok and fear in all of the townspeople over his "little" mistake, aka "weapons of mass destruction".

3. Chicken Little ultimately meets an alien who needs help to get home, no one in the town listens to him, so some of the townspeople die trying to defend their town from the invading aliens.

4. Chicken Little, the movie, was a box office failure; only 5.8 out of 10 stars by critics, not unlike our current President.

Monday, October 09, 2006

No more hurt, please!

It was a year ago this month that my grandmother died, 7 months ago that both of my dogs died, and 6 months ago that we got our new puppy Teddy Bear. A bernese mountain dog. Our decision to get him was not hard, because we knew we wanted a new dog and we fell in love with the breed because of their gentle nature. We found a wonderful breeder right away who truly loves the breed and her dogs. Teddy's parents are wonderful, true hallmarks of the breed; gentle giants with mellow and friendly temperaments. Teddy's mom is having her second litter of puppies tonight- she is such a sweetheart, three puppies born so far. I have stayed in contact with Teddy's sibblings/ humans and each one of his siblings is beautiful, smart and healthy. Teddy is healthy too, except that I have come to understand that he has Hip Dysplasia- severe. I do not know why I did not look into it further earlier, but I have finally accepted his disease and plan to meet with the vet later in the week to discuss treatment options. I think I had hoped that it was a mistake, it would go away, and I was in denial. So I may have the choice of whether or not to do surgery, I want to hear all of the treatment options first. I understand that with severe dysplasia, he will have pain, and I do not know that I can bear that. But I know with surgery he will also have pain. I have read a lot about the procedure called Triple Pelvic Ostomy, which can only be performed on dogs under 1 year of age- usually around 7 months. Teddy is 9 months, today, so I do not know if this procedure is an option, but I would like to consider it, because the success rate appears to be the highest. Perhaps the answers will come, but I am feeling exhausted once again, the same way I felt earlier this year...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My dear sweet child (Kylie)

I will start off as "You bring us such joy!"

This evening I realized just how far your sweetness stretches as I was cooking dinner for the family and teddy and I saw you hiding behind the spice cabinet door. I imagine you rearranging the spices as is often the case as you hide and giggle, but then I hear a sudden scream and then I see white powder flying in the air. As quickly as I look at you I see you dancing in the white powder. I imagine you were dancing in terror as you saw the spilling of baking powder spilling off your hair, your hands and all over your beautiful red cherry shirt. I know you hate to get dirty, but I cannot imagine why you have a smirk on your face.

As I try to cuddle you during your fearful state, you run off and grab Kelsey's beads off of the table. I imagine you must have been frantic because you threw the beads across the living room and then began jumping and throwing your arms around. Oh how the whole thing must have marked you for life, it did me!

The perfect mom?

I imagine somewhere in the world this exists, perhaps a women who has taken the course Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Franklin Covey, and has been able to use the skills "effectively", or has not taken any skill building, time management courses and the skills needed just come very naturally. Who knows? I know I am not perfect, nor will I ever be...

This doesn't keep me from imagining a land where perfection doesn't matter, just being good enough. As this blog takes a turn for the wierd, allow yourself to go with me, in this make believe land.

I imagine myself with multiple arms and heads, almost like an octopus, but as many heads as tentacles (it probably would not be attractive, but go with it). These many body parts would be helpful in giving everything in my life the time and attention that is deserved. Shane would get one set- to focus on our relationship, Kylie would get another to give her as much love and cuddles as she requested, Kelsey would get another to do all of the craft projects and games that her little heart desires, Teddy would get another- to allow him as much pet time and tug-of-war time that any puppy his size needs, another set would go to work to focus on work and give my clients the attention they need, the fifth set would go to housework and cooking; I imagine an apple pie spinning on the tip of the tentacle, the sixth would go to me family and friends because the do not get nearly enough time and attention, and the last tentacle and head would be just for me; to focus on me and my projects.

I imagine if I transformed into the creature, I would no longer feel overwhelmed and guilty for everything in my life that does not get enough attention. It certainly would not be pretty, but it sure would put my mind at ease knowing that everything in my life was attended to. Until the day comes when transformation into odd creatures is a possibility, I will have to read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People again. I am sure one of the time management skills would tell me not to blog while at work ;)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday School a.k.a disjointed mess

Oh boy, I guess I had high expectations, after all when the Sunday School preschool coordinator says, "oh it will be no problem, I will have all of the crafts ready to go, all you will have to do is stop in maybe 20 minutes early to pick up the box and go to your room- no problem really!" Maybe she was trying to convince herself. I really should have followed my instincts, which told me told me that this person was not an organizer. I guess I gave it the benefit of my doubt...

I walk in only to find 5 people standing in the room where all of our supplies were supposed to be prepared. So I grabbed a box and the cards we hand out to the children. When I got to the room where I am supposed to teach, I looked in the box, nothing was in there! I went back to the supply room to get the felt puppets- no felt puppets... I went back to my room, realized I needed color crayons for the pictures the kids are supposed to color. Then went back to the room. In the meantime, Kelsey is following me asking when class will start. The children start joining us and that is when it all seems to come together, sort of.

This was when I also realized that the curriculum is really set-up for children who like to sit still and create. Which is fine if the class was composed of all girls, the little boy in the class was quite bored and somewhat disagreeable to join in on the activities. The children behaved quite well despite the chaos and I learned a lot about them. Kelsey made a new friend with the little girl in the class, they hugged several times and declared that they were best friends, which was very sweet. I learned that the little boy in the class lost his grandfather not to long ago and he is named after him. Kelsey learned that Jesus lives up in the ceiling, and the little boy insisted that Jesus was God. It was all very interesting "out of the mouths of babes".

I have decided that Sunday School will be a lot more work then once planned for, and I will plan my some of my own activities for the kids, especially since we never did get out felt puppets done since we did not have any materials to do them. I have also decided that Shane will be my helper, Catholic or not, because I need an errand boy.