Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Introspective Perspective

Global warming, Darfur, bombings in Somalia, chaos in Iraq, poverty, gang violence, violence in general, the serial rapist in St. Paul, and all of the other global, worldwide, national, and local fears.

In general, I have to say I do not like to listen about the terrible things happening elsewhere. I often turn OFF the news and the TV for that matter. I realize I have a very narrow view, and I really should listen and know more about the happenings around the world. I guess when I really start thinking about all of these things, including the death and violence, I fear where the world is going, as well as where it has been.

I do appreciate hearing others views on these issues. And while I can appreciate reflection and newsworthy issues, a part of me feels only fear and sadness and almost regrets having brought two innocent lives into the world to have to protect themselves from these scary issues. Although regrets turn to joy when I see and hold their beautiful smiling faces, the glimmer in their eyes leaves me with a cliche feeling of hope.


Vikki said...

When you have kids, it is impossible to ignore the terrible mess we are leaving for them.

Kristin said...

You forgot to mention the homicidal soldier who raped that little girl and set her on fire...