Friday, January 05, 2007

Ready for the potty?

When one has a toddler some of lingo that we hear and say often includes potty, poopy and pee pee.

I think we are there... so now it will just take convincing my youngest to actually go on the potty and not just sit on the potty and say "al dun noe" with nothing to show for it in the potty.

I have tried chocolate candy, stickers, ice cream, I even tried to bribe with a new toy (shameful). But still nothing to show for it...

One thing I do have to say is the kid has found the most innovative way to put her diaper on...she places it down spread out with tabs on the top and proceeds to back up onto the diaper and lay there until someone comes to strap her is quite amusing to watch.


Vikki said...

Potty training is my constant companion right now. Isn't it fun?

Kristin said...

Joel is saying, "I want to be a babeeeeee" "I want to wear my diaper". Great.