Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Preverbial Knife

Next week I am going under...

the knife that is.

I think of myself as pretty tolerant of pain, although even with child birth, I was eager to request the epidural because I knew that it would relieve the pain quickly.

Well this time there will be no epideral offered, nor will I be asleep for it, I will hear the crunch of the bone and tear of the skin. It does not sound so pleasant, but in a wierd way I am looking forward to the results of the surgery.

You see I have been dealing with two not-so-functional dental bridges for the last (I figured it out last night) 19 years. Basically I have had these for a longer portion of my life then I have not! That is amazing to me, but I have been very reliant on them for everything including a fully intact smile, my speech, and eating. Even though we have been one for the last several years, I am so ready for this marriage to end. The damn things have been falling out more and more frequently in the last year.

It will be a slow divorce, but after four months it will be finalized and hopefully, if all goes well, my mouth will never have another bridge marriage again.

In the short-term, maybe they will offer some good pain meds for recovery?


Vikki said...

I'm sure you'll get good meds. You'll also have a great excuse for malts!

Kristin said...

I think you will get meds and you will get a few days off. What's not to love?